Game Dating

Alot of Game characters are feeling lonely this time of year and have turned to a Dating website in a local internet cafe…

Luigi: No you wont!

Mario: Yes I will!

Luigi: Yes I will!

Mario: Yes I will – SEND!

Luigi: Damnit Mario! You and peach can make it through this! There’s no need to cheat on her!

Mario: She got kidnapped 114 times in a year. I can not be bothered with her any more.

Luigi: Well you have a point…

Mario: And plus i sent the divorce papers to her by pipe, if she’s too busy being kidnapped to read them that’s her own fault!!!!!

Mario: And plus, that girl i just sent the dating request to was fine!

Bowser: (Walking by) Oh hey guys how’s it going, oh Mario btw, I kidnapped peach again, drop by my fortress by next Monday if you wanna rescue her.

Mario: Well thanks for the info Bowser but there’s really no need, I’m on a dating website looking for someone else…

Bowser: Hah! i feel sorry for whoever you end up with! He lemme see your profile (Pushes Luigi out of his seat)

Bowser: Let’s see… ” I’m Mario, Can’t tell you my age for legal reasons, i like shrooms, jumping on turtles, and fighting a giant lizard”… To be honest you don’t sound that interesting man. Let me Do your page up!

Mario: No! Wait! i haven’t mentioned about that movie i once did! i know it sucked but it counts for something right!

Bowser: No. It doesn’t.


Sonic: Tails, I’ve had over 4 responses since i set up this account 3 months ago… you think I should give these girls a try?

Tails: Of course man!

Sonic: Ok… Here goes nothing…. (Clicks onto first response) Wow…. she looks a lot like you man, haha, looks like you just threw some make up and a dress on!

Tails: Well what can i say! She must be a looker… you should date her.

Knuckles: Nah, she’s kinda ugly, check the next girl.

Sonic: She looks like you again tails…

Tails: Strange…

Sonic: Holy crap! i have a filter on! How did that get there!

Tails: Who knows…

Sonic: And i also have 53 requests from Amy… yeah perhaps this online dating thing wasn’t such a good idea.

Tails: NO! Wait! Give those first 4 girls a chance!!!!! (Shaking him)


Dante: Holy crap this Lara Croft chick looks badass! I’m glad i signed up for this site!

Nero: I still think Tifa looks hotter.

Dante: Eh, she’s a bit too RPG-e

Nero: Fine! but if Lara turns out to have to be tight then don’t come complaining to me!

Dante: Yeah whatever!

Dante: No wait… ivy looks even hotter… just look at that outfit.

Nero: (Reading more of Dante’s requests) Fang and Vanille!? Aren’t they made of crystal or some shit like that!?

Dante: And the last request comes from…Peach…



Luigi: but weren’t you about to cheat on her?

Mario: That’s not the point! And I wasn’t going to cheat! sent her the divorce papers already!

Luigi: Right, but you were still planing on dating someone else while you were still married…

Mario:… (Turns into fire Mario and throws a fire ball at him)

Luigi: Owch Owch Owch! HOT! HOT! HOT!

Mario: Fuck this shit man I’m going speed dating.

Luigi: Oh right, like that’ll solve everything.

Mario: Shut up! (Throws another fireball)

Luigi: Owch Owch Owch owch! Hot! Hot! Hot!


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