What is one grain, they would say. What is one grain against the storm. A saying I was all too used to hearing in the days of my youth. At the time I was rather naïve and dismissive, thinking it of little importance. But now, with every passing day, hour, moment, second I am reminded of its actuality. It is easy to find oneself lost in times such as this. Times when day and night meld into one continuous, never ending calamity. All through these days and nights that dance together as one I think of the past I left behind, the unrecoverable history of my time in my former home. Continue reading “Hunger”


Mario goes Christian Bale

It’s the first day of filming for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and tensions are high on set… Yes it’s like filming a movie. Get over it.


Camera man: AAaaaand ACTION!

Bowser: (Grabbing hold of peach) Muahahaha! You’ll never get her back this time Mario!

Mario: That’s where you’re wrong Bowser! (Summons the power of his Luma and shoots up) This time it ENDS!!!!!!-


BOOM- as half the set is decimated by Kratos and Zeus bursting through while filming on their set. Continue reading “Mario goes Christian Bale”

Super Hero Lawsuit

Lawsuits are common in all sorts of realities…

Judge: Will the defendant please take the stand.

Batman: (Walking up) Your honor I haven’t done anything, can we just end this already?

Judge: This is a court of law Mr Batman and there will be no exceptions for anybody!

Batman: Fine! But the next time the joker kidnaps your children I’ll make sure to save them just in the nick of time…

Judge: Threats will get you nowhere. Continue reading “Super Hero Lawsuit”


It wasn’t me held there within
Not that realm
That land of din
I was elsewhere

It wasn’t me beside the key
That path toward
That land of free
I was still searching

I wasn’t there to see it start
Nor was I there
As the clouds doth part
I was learning

I never could find a way
Through deceit and melancholy
Through strife of night and day
I was still lost

Yet in spite of all this
I may never find my way
Through vespers of knowledge
Through annals of may
It was never me to seize the day

The Mountain (Pt. 3)

I awoke to find myself in a peculiar position. I was still alive, of that much I was certain, but I was somewhere else entirely. Below me the floor had become much colder, and much more solid. Against my back I could feel the cool mould of enormous bars pressing into my shoulder blades. My body felt the same as it had before, albeit a little weaker. When I opened my eyes at first I saw nothing but a blinding light. My head dropped instantaneously as I cupped my face into my hands in a meagre attempt to block out the blinding light. After a short moment I re opened them and slowly raised my head. Before me was the most curious sight I had ever seen in my life.

Continue reading “The Mountain (Pt. 3)”

The Mountain (Pt. 2)

It wasn’t long before our spirits started to fall. I could hear whispers late into the night of suggestions we turn back. This seemed like much more than a suggestion at sometimes, it almost sounded like a plea. Before long the village was becoming a blur and each of us got the feeling we likely wouldn’t see it again. I reassured everyone, but deep down I had the same apprehensions. Continue reading “The Mountain (Pt. 2)”