Super Hero Lawsuit

Lawsuits are common in all sorts of realities…

Judge: Will the defendant please take the stand.

Batman: (Walking up) Your honor I haven’t done anything, can we just end this already?

Judge: This is a court of law Mr Batman and there will be no exceptions for anybody!

Batman: Fine! But the next time the joker kidnaps your children I’ll make sure to save them just in the nick of time…

Judge: Threats will get you nowhere. Continue reading “Super Hero Lawsuit”


Rising Hope

Kurt Warwick was always bright for his age; it seemed to make life just that much easier. The problem was brains didn’t count for much these days, even brawn wouldn’t be all that helpful, not with the way things were now. It was cold, unbearably so, the streets were lined with snow, this winter seemed never ending. There was something wrong with the city, not just in the obvious ways but in the air, things didn’t feel quite right after “he” disappeared. Kurt shook his head, now wasn’t the time to be reminisce about the past, “he” was gone and was most likely never coming back. This city had gone to hell and there was no way anything would change that now. Continue reading “Rising Hope”

Seven Days

It began on the dawn of the first day of summer. The skies clouded with an endless gloom as the age of bliss began its time of ending. Hope and prosperity, willpower and wonder were slowly etched from the fortunes of man as the world fell into another time of great depression. It wasn’t known how, why or when, but eventually the denizens of law fractured, and with such failures the nature of order began its ever-looming downfall. It wasn’t long before we saw ourselves attacked, victims of the damned and our own immorality as the heralds of despair began to ravish a society once sublime. Demons of death and destruction appeared almost from nothing, as if teeming over the very edge of reality. Light was nothing more than a memory, a memento of the past doomed to live the remainder of its existence in the corner of men’s hearts, be it brightest day, or blackest night. Such ideals remained the gospels of man until the very first appearance of the saviour. This was all he was known by. The cryptic glimpse of blue that drifted its way over the airwaves of our once great city. None knew his real name, or had the slightest clue, but it wasn’t long before the people gave him a title, one he certainly lived up to. Continue reading “Seven Days”

Warped Justice

Young Diana rolled past in her carriage, examining the different kinds of people that passed her by. She was tired of sitting in her large palace room all day every day and requested especially that she be taken out. She’d hoped for more of a walk around town as opposed to as ride in a carriage but it seemed like enough, for now. She saw young Bruce moving in a similar carriage; he was far from royalty however. He seemed to have it all, billions to call his own and anything a young boy of his age may need. But he never seemed happy, not once; she’d never even seen him crack a smile. She wasn’t quite sure why but somehow she liked it, looking into his cold and unforgiving eyes she got a faint sense of warmth from him. She wondered if perhaps he wasn’t the heartless brute he painted himself as. If he wasn’t he’d done a very good job of hiding it. As his carriage strode past and he hid his stealthy but blatant gaze towards her she caught sight of Hal. A somewhat charming young boy who fancied himself an inventor.  Always crafting this or sculpting that, he had quite the imagination, or at least he liked to think so. His works and ideas were never particularly pleasant; they were always about function rather than fashion. But that was what amazed her; he undertook all these tasks and projects that should be left to a more creative mind, and then makes them his own. People were jealous of his skills; there are always those who envy others with the skills to create what would daunt the ordinary man. He never let it faze him though, as long as he could build a statue or chisel a masterpiece he would always get it done, though that lantern he built never did work.

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