Mario goes Christian Bale

It’s the first day of filming for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and tensions are high on set… Yes it’s like filming a movie. Get over it.


Camera man: AAaaaand ACTION!

Bowser: (Grabbing hold of peach) Muahahaha! You’ll never get her back this time Mario!

Mario: That’s where you’re wrong Bowser! (Summons the power of his Luma and shoots up) This time it ENDS!!!!!!-


BOOM- as half the set is decimated by Kratos and Zeus bursting through while filming on their set. Continue reading “Mario goes Christian Bale”


Game Dating

Alot of Game characters are feeling lonely this time of year and have turned to a Dating website in a local internet cafe…

Luigi: No you wont!

Mario: Yes I will!

Luigi: Yes I will!

Mario: Yes I will – SEND! Continue reading “Game Dating”